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Haitian Cross

The Forest of Artists Haitian Cross, on which a brown Christ is surrounded on four sides by the causes of the terrible suffering of the Haitian people: hunger, the situation of women, the harsh condition of infancy, lack of homes, deforestation, the death by drowning of those attempting to flee the island for Nassau or Florida.

The vibrant colors signify the resurrection in the midst of so much death: the hope and joy of the knowledge of salvation. The crosses are hand-crafted and painted by young Haitian men and women who use their wages to pay for their schooling. Their work displays a dormant artistic talent that emerges with ingenuity and startling beauty.



Welcome to HaitiArtisanCrafts.com.

Here you will find some of the most beautiful hand-made artisan craft products from Haiti. However, our site is about much more than that. In addition to the wonderful Haitian Artisan Craft Products, our site is also about the Haitian Artisan People.

Meet Veronike, a joyful artisan, teacher, oldest sister and head of household, caring for her 8 siblings after the death of her parents many years ago. She lives in Beldorain, an area in the northwest of Haiti marked by desperate poverty; with severe droughts, scarcity of food and rampant disease. Her job in the artisan workshop of the diocese of Port de Paix makes is possible to support the basic needs of her family. Your choice to purchase these items supports women like her with a living wage, which is a sign of God's hope amidst the shadow of poverty.

The Artisan Project of Port de Paix, Haiti offers Fair Trade products from the poorest diocese in our hemisphere. Only a few hours from the US by plane, the six cooperatives located in Northwest Haiti produce useful and decorative crafts that support their families with food, clothing, and an opportunity to go to school and expand their cooperatives with equipment and supplies. This project is coordinated entirely by volunteers from St. Thomas University, Miami, Amor en Accion, Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of Miami and represents an alternative approach to trade that is rooted in the Church's commitment to uphold the dignity of every person to build mutually respectful long-term trading relationships.

All sale proceeds go directly to the women and men of Artisan Project in the Diocese of Port de Paix, Haiti.






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